Jedi Training Academy in Walt Disney World

Jedi Training Academy is currently only be offered in Walt Disney World.  Jedi Training Academy has been ended in Disneyland, but I’m crossing my fingers that they will bring it back with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Jedi Training takes place at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Resort and runs throughout the day with approximately 20 participants (ages 4-12) as Jedi Younglings.  The best part is… Jedi Training is free of charge with your park admission ticket!

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the article for a full length video.  😉

In Hollywood Studios the sign up process for Jedi Training begins early in the morning at park opening, it is wise to line up at the park entrance before the park even opens.  You will sign up at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost located between the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. The sign up line actually begins at the entrance to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular attraction.  Once you sign up, you will then be given a time and a ticket to return and participate.

When you leave the sign up area you should have your ticket to return (middle), you can get some neat Force Push post cards.

After you have secured your spot into Jedi Training you may enjoy your day throughout Hollywood Studios until your time to return.  You MUST arrive back at the sign up location, 30 minutes prior to your performance time or your spot will be given to a person waiting on standby, and trust me there are a lot of them.

Be sure to take a bathroom break before checking in at the Indiana Jones Outpost.  While the children wait they are given a bottle of water.  Once everyone has checked in, the children are lined up from smallest to tallest.


After everyone is in line they are all given Jedi Robes before their training starts.  One parent is asked to walk by each child to the training area to get a photopass card from your show photographer.  Since “Jedi Training” became “Jedi Training, Trials of the Temple” in 2015, there are now 2 different stages in the Jedi Training area (still side by side).  One stage will fight Darth Vader and one will fight the Seventh Sister.  Because of the 2 stages, there are 2 Photopass photographers, be sure that you get the correct card for the stage your child is on.

The younglings are taken out to the training grounds where they wait for their Jedi Master.

After a short introduction the Padawans are brought onto the stage where the Jedi Master instructs them in a simple combination of lightsaber attacks.  Of course they are using “Training” lightsabers and not the real thing.


Once the younglings have their training well under way a couple of storm troopers and Darth Vader appear and try to get the children to join the ‘Dark Side’.


Each Jedi Trainee faces off with Darth Vader or the Seventh Sister using the skills that they where taught.

Below: Facing off with Darth Vader and the Seventh Sister during Jedi Training ( a Memory Maker photopass photo)


Once Darth Vader realizes that he has been defeated and that none of the young Padawans will join the Dark Side, he retreats and Yoda congratulates the Jedi Training Academy graduates.  The Jedi Master announces the graduates to the audience and the robes are gathered in exchange for a special Jedi Training pin.  Be sure to wear this pin proudly to show off your completion of the Jedi Training Academy.

Jedi Training Academy, pin of completion

I strongly recommend the Jedi Training experience to anyone with even a slight interest in Star Wars.

Don’t forget to purchase your Memory Maker photo package so that you can get all of the wonderful pictures that the Disney Photographers take & then be sure and add special Star Wars boarders once you arrive home.  If you have purchased Memory Maker, look for the Photopass photographer during your Jedi Training session & ask them for a photopass card at the end of the training.  They will hand you a card that is linked to the photos from your session.  Once you arrive home to download your photos, you will be able to add all sorts of neat boarders to the photos.  You may want to take that PhotoPass card to a Disney photo center & have them add the photos of only your child/children to your Memory Maker account.  If you add the PhotoPass card number later on, you will have pictures of all of the children that participated in Jedi Training that day.

Thank you for reading my article.

Watch the full length You Tube video of Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple below:

Full length You Tube video of the original Jedi Training below:

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