Enzo’s Hideaway Lunch Review

After feasting our way through the holidays & being spoiled by all of the good food, we couldn’t just end our holiday week with McDonald’s. We had to have some gourmet, food at Walt Disney World. We chose to have lunch at Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar in Disney Springs. Contrary to the title, this family friendly atmosphere is stunning and tells an intriguing story that does not disappoint.

The story of this restaurant refers to Maria & Enzo’s Restaurante as well as The Edison in Disney Springs and it goes like this…

While inspecting the building prior to taking full ownership, Enzo discovered a long-hidden place below the terminal that connected to abandoned sections of the next-door power plant. To Enzo’s astonishment, he came across a Prohibition-era hideaway where a team of flying rum-runners once gathered. Evidence of smuggler activity remained, untouched for decades. Enzo decided that the space might make an irresistible spot for dining and socializing to highlight the family recipes he grew up on, highlighting specialties from Rome and nearby regions.

An Italian Restaurant & Speakeasy, this restaurant is a fun & novel place to dine in Disney Springs and I will definitely visit it again. Following it’s name & story line, it is a bit of a hidden gem that can be easy to get into even when you don’t have a reservation.


Location: Disney Springs
lunch 11:30am – 3:30pm
dinner 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Dining Style: Table Service, Italian food
Atmosphere: Mysterious & edgy
My review of this experience: 5 out of 5 stars


Review from our Experience
After enjoying a movie in Disney Springs, we decided at the last minute to have lunch at Enzo’s Hideaway. They were happy to accommodate us, with no wait, even though we did not have a reservation. Reservations are recommended, but this restaurant is a good place to start if you do not.
I was immediately impressed with the theme of this restaurant as we rounded the corner into the hideaway. It is what you would imagine a speakeasy to look like starting with the slot in the entrance door through the brick entrance, complete with graffiti on the walls, and ending with the hidden tunnel in the back. Yes, it DOES have a hidden tunnel where you can imagine the rum runners making a quick exit from the police during prohibition. We had a wonderful history lesson with our children over this meal. 😉
About the food
– The Bread service was good with optional oil & I like to dip my bread in oil. The oil was very authentic and maybe a little bitter to my palate.
– The Classic Lasagna was cheesy & a very large portion. It was cooked well and the flavor was blended.
– The Branzino or Sea Bass, was tender & flaky with a slight lemon flavor. The grapes and green beans were complimentary to the fish. My husband did not care for the green beans because they were sauteed and remained a little crisp.
– The Roasted Chicken Saltimbacca was my favorite. This delicious chicken was cooked to perfection and well seasoned with a tender inside and slightly crispy on the outside skin. The vegetables with it were all perfect from the tender artichokes to the broccoli and a nice flavor was added with a few capers. The entire plate was a scrumptious medley of flavors that blended well.
– Chocolate Ice Cream was for dessert for my youngest & he loved the waffle chip that came with it the most.
– Of course I had to try the Canoli and it did not disappoint. I wanted to lick the plate after finishing it, but thought that might be frowned upon.

We finished every bit of food on our plates and since we just consumed two buckets of popcorn at the movie prior to this lunch, that tells you that the food must have been good.

The service seemed slightly European in nature. We had to ask every time we wanted more water and they only filled the one glass. Other than that the service was prompt and with a smile in true Disney fashion.

I see this place as the perfect guys getaway or bachelor get together before a wedding. It can also be a little on the romantic side and even fun for a girlfriend celebration. Any history buff will get a huge kick out of seeing this & if your kids are missing school they can tell the history teacher that they got to learn about a speakeasy when they were on vacation.

What I would change for next time
The only thing I might change for next time is not filling up on popcorn first so that I have room to try the Cannoli Sundae that looked so inviting for dessert.

Additional Information
To complete your visit to this restaurant, you have to find the ‘hidden tunnel’. If you are having trouble finding it, just make a trip to the restroom. 😉

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