Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante Lunch Review

We had chosen to take our family to lunch & a movie in Disney Springs for a belated Valentine’s day weekend. We chose Maria & Enzo’s because we felt that this beautifully themed, Italian restaurant offered a romantic ambiance perfect to set the mood for the holiday.

A grand staircase leads down into this storied restaurant that is set in an airline terminal from the 1930’s. The beautifully decorated, 50 foot high ceilings and windows offer tranquil views of Lake Buena Vista. Vintage maps and artifacts are playfully on display throughout the restaurant.


Location: Disney Springs
lunch 11:30am – 3:30pm
dinner 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Dining Style: Table Service, Italian food
Atmosphere: romantic & spacious
My review of this experience: 5 out of 5 stars


Review from our Experience
We wanted to see if we could walk into this restaurant & enjoy a late lunch without a reservation. We arrived around 1:00 and were seated right after checking in. Reservations are always recommended, but this restaurant offers plenty of seating if you do not have a reservation. The theme of this restaurant is eye catching and colorful with lots to look at inside and outside the lake view windows. Families are welcome, but I can see this being the perfect setting for a romantic dinner for two.
About the food
Our meal was started with bread service. The bread was fresh & delicious with a soft warm center and a crisp crust. The authentic olive oil complimented it well.
We chose to order from the Prix Fix Menu for $21 per person. We thought this was a good value for the food & experience offered. When ordering from the Prix Fix menu each person can select a pasta dish “Antipasti” and a main course “Secondi”. We had trouble choosing so we ordered one of each.
Although we did not order from the kid’s menu, my son is young enough to get one and the menus are adorable and comes with a cute little wings pin that you see in the photo above.
Antipasti (Photos below)
– The Cesare Salad was arguably the largest portion of the three options. It was topped with a generous layer of fresh Parmesan cheese and the dressing had a wonderful tang with lots of flavor. The croutons were delicious & small pieces were well blended throughout the salad.
– The Caprese in Carozza had lovely flavors that complimented one another and tasted well mixed in one bite on the fork. The cheese was well cooked with a crisp crust & tender inside without being stringy & difficult to cut or eat.
– The Polpettine plate offered two large meatballs that were moist & tender & not overdone. The creamy, ricotta, tomato sauce was very complimentary to the dish.

Secondi/Main Course (Photos Below)
– The Ravioli Alla Panna plate had 4 large, beautifully filled ravioli smothered in the smooth Parmesan cream sauce. The ravioli were filled with a three cheese blend but most of the flavor came from the ricotta cheese.
– On the Shrimp Fra Maria plate, the linguini seemed slightly underdone. I like a lot of sauce so the sauce seemed a little scarce, but the juicy, large, plentiful shrimp made up for any shortcomings with this dish.
– The Chicken Parmigiana seemed to be the largest portion of the meal. The breaded chicken was topped with plenty of sauce & cheese. The penne pasta was well cooked & tender. The chicken pieces were top grade without a single tough or grisly bite that I typically expect with chicken.

The service was very good in true Disney fashion. Our server helped us with a big smile & made polite conversation. He also kept our drinks refilled and got the food to our table in a timely manner. We will certainly keep this restaurant on our list for our future endeavors in Disney Springs.

What I would change for next time
I will try the Sirloin Steak Pizzaiola and indulge in a canoli for dessert. This time we were on our way to a movie in Disney Springs & we wanted to save room for popcorn. 😉

Additional Information
If you are intrigued by this restaurant & love the historical feeling, make time to complete your culinary journey through time and visit Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel for an enjoyable meal & experience. Read my review of Enzo’s Hideaway HERE

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