Disney Movie Rewards Explained

Disney Movie Rewards is an exciting program started years ago by the Walt Disney Company. It is a way that they reward their fans & viewers by giving you points for watching Disney films at theaters & on DVD. This program has recently been renamed to “Disney Movie Insiders” However, many fans still know it as “Disney Movie Rewards”.

You simply have to Watch, Earn & Redeem. You can Redeem your points for some really great physical rewards, giveaways & even experiences.

How To Sign Up?

Becoming a member of Disney Movie Rewards is FREE & easy. A few years ago their website & name changed to “Disney Movie Insiders”. You can now visit www.DisneyMovieInsiders.com and create a free account.

How To Earn Points

Points Subject to Change

Buy Eligible Movie Tickets
– 100 points per standard movie ticket (up to 400)
– 150 points for select movie tickets

Purchase Movies to Watch on Disney+
– When you buy movies on Disney+ you can earn points.
When we paid to watch Mulan, we earned 300 points.

Earn points on eligible DVD titles
– 75+ points per DVD
– 100 points per SD
– 150 points per Blu-Ray, HD & Multi-Screen Edition (Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Code)
– 200 points per 4K UHD & 4K Ultra HD (4K UHD+Blu-ray+DigitalCode)
Not every Disney DVD will have a code in it, but most of the new release DVD will have them.

Get points for activities
– Link your account to a participating partner & Movies Anywhere
– Complete surveys in your account

Bonus Codes
– Often Disney will release bonus codes that will earn you free points in your account

Redeem for Rewards

Once you have earned earned enough points you can begin to redeem them for some really neat Disney Rewards.

There are various reward categories that include:

  • Activities
  • Charitable Rewards
  • Experience
  • Fan Favorites
  • Gift Cards and Codes
  • Movies at Home
  • Movies in Theaters
  • Offers
  • Sale

Not all of the categories will always have reward options in them. I find that they change from time to time.

Disney Giveaways
Sometimes they also have sweepstakes to win things like a Disney Cruise & you can use your points to enter additional times. You usually are given one free entry & you can enter additional times for around 3 points per entry.

The rewards you can choose from change constantly, often daily if popular rewards run out.
Below are a few examples of rewards….

Now, What are you waiting for???

Go to DisneyMovieInsiders.com and create your free account & start earning points toward Disney Rewards today!!!

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2 thoughts on “Disney Movie Rewards Explained

  1. Great question. First, you have to sign up at DisneyMovieInsiders.com for a free account. To earn points, you login & click on ‘earn’ at the top. There you can enter the codes that come on papers inside DVDs that you purchase or you can submit movie tickets by getting a code you write on the physical tickets & then taking a photo of the tickets & sending it to them. You can also earn points from the free codes that they give out. To enter those codes you just click on “enter code” on the website & put in whatever the code it.
    I hope that helps. 😉


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