For Love of THE Mouse and Maybe a Wizard

Who doesn’t love The Mouse.  Come on, you all know who I am talking about.  he is the most recognized figure in all the world.  It’s Mickey of course.  This one little mouse, conceived on a train ride by Walt Disney 90 years ago, has inspired a never-give-up passion in everyone.  We love him not only because he is cute, but because over the years he has been so many things that he shows us all we can do anything that we put our minds to.


Not only is Mickey cute, but he is timeless.  I will say that I think he has aged quite well over the last 90 years and I offer him my best for the next 90.

I have created this new blog to share my thoughts, inspiration & feelings about my visits to the Disney theme parks as well as Universal Orlando.  Yes, that’s right.  Although not related in any way to The Mouse, Wizards are also a part of my obsession.  I enjoy visiting the Orlando, Florida theme parks on a regular basis with my family and even getting on a cruise when I can.  The only thing I enjoy more than having those experiences is sharing them with others.

I want to wish you all amazing adventures for your future and think you for taking the time to read my thoughts that I look forward to sharing with you via social media, YouTube & in print right here.  I hope that these things will bring a little bit of happiness from The Mouse to your family.

My name is Melissa and I am a Disney fanatic, I’m also a travel agent.  You will find me almost every weekend in one of the Disney theme parks with my family, exploring all of the newest things that Disney has to offer. If you are ever dreaming of planning your own family vacation, it never hurts to enlist the complimentary services of a travel agent.  It costs nothing extra and you always get expert advice based on countless hours of personal experience & professional training.  What are you waiting for?  Your next dream vacation all starts with a free quote.  Click below or send me an email to talk about your magical vacation.
Melissa Mathies


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